【MAKUAKE Supporters Only】 Reservation from here

【MAKUAKE Supporters Only】 Reservation from here

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※ MAKUAKE supporters dedicated reservations only.

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Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00

To make reservations for MAKUAKE supporter please click here.All-you-can-drink All-you-can-drink membership cards will be given to you when you first visit.※ It is exclusively for the MAKUAKE supporter who has completed the pre-settlement.Other customers' reservation will not be established.Please make a reservation separately from the course.

Course menu

【All-you-can-eat Shurasco】

· Ring Issa (Brazilian sausage)

· Frango (chicken thigh)

· Herb chicken (wing origin)

· Piccagna (Ichigo)

· Arukatora (lamp)

· Frau Genja (Hirami)

· Cow Ferret (Feret)

· Costella depollco (swine rose)

· Ombro de Polco (Pork Shoulder)

- Corazon (chicken hearts)

· Carneiro (Lam)

·Garlic steak

· Ombro de Boi (cows shoulder)

· Baked Potato

· Abakashi

· Bacon cheese

- Grilled cheese


- Eggplant


【Course meal】

· Soup of bread soup with sticky food ingredients

· Appetizer ALEGRIA Carpaccio ~ A5 Put caviar on Japanese Wagyu ~

· Salad coloring Salada Concasse

· Pickled cherry tomato pickles

· Rice with a low temperature aged rice bowl

· Gelato of three desserts

※ Course dishes and all you can drink are not included for lunchtime guests.

2018/05/03 update